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Non-Solicitation Disclaimer

SC&CI Investment Services BV is the investment adviser of the eponymous, and by SC&CI and her partners initiated, compartment The Fund SICAV-SIF SA – SC&CI FUND, also referred to as SC&CI FUND.

The Fund SICAV-SIF SA – SC&CI Fund is a société d’investissement à capital variable incorporated under both the Luxembourg law of 13 February 2007 relating to specialised investment funds as modified (“the Law of 2007”) and the Luxembourg law of 10th August 1915 on commercial companies. Its registered office is at 2, Avenue Charles de Gaulle, L-1653 Luxembourg, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Fuchs Asset Management, a public limited liability company incorporated and existing under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, having its registered office at 49, Boulevard Prince Henri, L-1724 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and registered with the Luxembourg register of commerce and companies (R.C.S. Luxembourg) under number B 188.359 is the alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) of SC&CI FUND, within the meaning of the Luxembourg law of 12 July 2013 on alternative investment fund managers, as such law may be amended from time to time, and the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 231/213.

For more information, please contact Carre de Finance or Fuchs Asset Management.

Carre de Finance
Boulevard Royal 30
L-2449 Luxembourg
Phone : +352 661 777 883

Fuchs Asset Management
Boulevard Prince Henri 49
L-1724 Luxembourg
Phone : +352 26 26 49 1
Fax : +352 26 26 49 60 22