SC&CI Investment Services

SC&CI Investment Services BV is the initiator and investment advisor of the compartment The Fund SICAF-SIF SA-SC&CI Fund, referred to as SC&CI Fund.


The focus of the SC&CI Fund is (care related) real estate investments in independent- and assisted living for Senior citizens and Healthcare center in The Netherlands and Belgium.


Selection of projects by SC&CI for the SC&CI Fund is based on a vision and a population and demand driven approach, supported by integrated information on low scale.

New Sustainable Care

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At present we are building a portfolio of projects within The Netherlands.

about us

SC&CI Investment Services has a multidisciplinary team and approach with a mix of knowledge, years of experience and a proven trackrecord in healthcare. The ambition of SC&CI Investment Services is the creation of a multi-find structure in the coming years.

To select the right projects and to nominate for investment, SC&CI Investment Services has a:

  • Vision on the market for Senior citizens
  • Vision on housing, living and Care concepts
  • A population and demand driven approach supported by integrated information a low scale and a forecast model
  • Vision on innovation supported by an innovation database
  • Vision on sustainability
  • Vision on cooperation with national and local stakeholders

  • Co-creation & Connecting

    We develop in co-creation in the local context and with local stakeholders. Together we will strive for the optimum in cooperation with care organizations, local overnments, housing corporations, healthcare insurance companies etc.

  • Population - & Future focussed

    Fundamental in our thinking is the development of the elderly population in a local context in the coming decennium. Solutions need to be linked to the demand and needs for care.

  • Information

    Our information ia a combination of public data over all elements of care, living, welbeing, income etc. The forecast models until 2040 provide a unique insights and predictions for the future and which in co-creation can be further enriched.

  • Innovative & Progressive

    In the residential care concepts for seniors we integrate care innovations and service concepts. The combination of, knowledge of the care market, innovation in relation to residential care concepts for the elderly makes us unique.